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About Gerwick

Photo: Gerwick
Olmsted Lock and Dam; Olmsted, Illinois

Gerwick is an internationally-known civil and structural consulting firm that has specialized in the design of major marine structures for over 80 years. We were recently included in the Engineering News-Record Design Firms Sourcebook 2012 as one of the top ten firms under Marine and Port Facilities.

Our highly qualified staff of design professionals has worldwide experience with marine structures including wharves and piers, bridges, inland waterways, offshore terminals, offshore platforms, dry docks, harbor facilities, deep foundations and coastal engineering. A pioneer in the development and application of advanced construction technologies, Gerwick has received international recognition for its innovative solutions to foundations in soft soils, seismic effects, and other difficult problems encountered in harsh marine environments.

The company has stayed at the forefront of concrete construction technologies, allowing us to participate extensively in the development of concrete codes and practices.

LAST UPDATED: 23.10.2014