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Waterway traffic and navigation studies

Photo: Gerwick
Bel Marin Keys Navigation Lock; Novato, California
We have a long-standing relationship in successfully completing design work for the USACE, who has jurisdiction on all U.S. navigable waterways, tributaries, adjacent wetlands, lakes and ponds.

Our work in the area includes marine structures such as docks, piers, wharves, dolphins, breakwaters, groins, jetties, bulkheads, rip rap slopes, revetments, and pilings, as well as infringing structures such as transmission lines, tunnels, boat ramps, pipelines and navigation gates.

Another aspect of our work lies in mitigating any environmental and structure damage on bridge piers that may occur from empty barges that break loose from moorings during storm events and vessel impacts.  Our designs have mitigated this damage with improvements such as navigation aids, buoys, range markers, and vessel traffic control systems, all which reduce the risk of future damage.      

LAST UPDATED: 02.10.2012