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Locks, dams and fish bypass structures

Photo: Gerwick
​​Chickamauga Lock: Cofferdam and Lock Wall; Chattanooga, Tennessee
​All infrastructure locks, dams and fish bypass structures require maintenance and modifications to reflect current usage and replacement at the end of their lifecycle.
Working with both contractors and clients directly, we have re-designed and provided construction support for a range of these projects throughout the United States. We provide expertise in structural design, construction support and cost estimating for complex geotechnical challenges for these and other environmentally-sensitive types of projects.  We have a proven track record of providing cost-effective solutions for lock and dam projects using off-site prefabrication, float-in and in-the-wet construction technology, thereby reducing construction time. Our expertise includes pump stations, cofferdams, marine skidways, precast yards, bulkheads, dewatering, underwater repair, levees, floodwalls, canal lining, flexible revetments, fish bypass structures, and articulated concrete mats.

LAST UPDATED: 24.10.2014