Intakes, outfalls and pipelines

Photo: Gerwick
​Ruwais Intake Pump House and Discharge Structure; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Our successful outfall, intake and pipeline projects require designing an optimum engineered marine cofferdam with many specialized elements in deep marine environments. 
We proudly hold a reputation in the construction industry as being the foremost engineering design company for ocean outfall construction. An integral component of this marine construction is the cofferdam which enables dangerous underwater work to be completed more safely.  Our engineers are experienced in planning, design and procurement, and consult with contractors on optimum construction details to minimize risk and in the construction process. Our work has specialized design elements such as dive work, pile driving, dewatering, bracing, tremie concrete and jacking at high hydrostatic pressure in deep marine environments.  

LAST UPDATED: 24.10.2014