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Flood protection and hurricane damage reduction

Photo: Gerwick
‚ÄčInner Harbor Navigational Canal Floodwall; New Orleans, Louisiana
We strive to produce creative and practical solutions in flood protection and hurricane damage reduction to reduce construction costs without compromising structural performance.
Our projects have incorporated 100-year storm return designs for floodwalls, embankments, pump stations, barge gates, sector gate closures, retaining walls, weirs, revetments, tidal outfalls, flood warning systems and channel improvements. While flood mitigation, tsunami protection and rising sea levels are at the forefront of new flood mapping, our engineers have the ability to model local events for optimum protection and economy. We can perform the numerical modeling to simulate everything from tsunami waves entering the harbor and inner boat basin to investigate the effects of tsunamigenic events to evaluating the resiliency of shorelines against sea level rise.

LAST UPDATED: 24.10.2014