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Coastal protection and dredging design

Photo: Gerwick
Coastal Engineering for IHNC Hurricane Flood Protection Barrier; New Orleans, LA

To ensure proper erosion and flooding protects, Gerwick's coastal engineers mitigate these issues using state-of-the-art modeling and projected outcome software to make sure our waterway projects are built safely and environmentally sound.
Our team of hydraulic engineers is well versed in the use of embankment protection (riprap, gabion mattresses, geotextile and green revetments) and ways to mitigate scour holes around newly-formed man-made structures such as bridge piers, weirs, dams, jetties and bulkheads. To assess scour potential, we routinely deploy numerical open channel flow models, including the world-class 1.5D HEC-RAS developed by the USACE and RMA2, a 2D sub-critical river flow model. Together, they allow for a comprehensive assessment of the velocity distribution and water surface elevation under any given discharge or stage conditions.

LAST UPDATED: 04.11.2014