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Tunnels and Immersed Tubes

Photo: Gerwick
​Oresund Immersed Tube Tunnel; Denmark
Gerwick has extensive experience with the design and construction of large floating concrete structures.

Our knowledge of large floating concrete structures gives the company an excellent background to develop innovative construction techniques and methods for casting, launching, and installation of immersed tube tunnel segments.

Our expertise includes:

  • casting basins
  • skidways
  • float-out, float-in
  • positioning systems
  • tow-out analyses
  • soil stregthening
  • concrete repair
  • concrete mix technologies
  • ballasting schemes
  • dewatering
  • sealing
  • hydraulic loads
  • floating stability
  • impact protection
  • scour protection
  • collision risk assessments

LAST UPDATED: 23.10.2014