Shallow and Deep Foundations

Photo: Gerwick

Replacement of Footing Rebar; Honolulu, Hawaii

In competent soils shallow foundations are often the most economical foundation solution. With proper soil characterization and derivation of soil design parameters Gerwick applies state-of-the-art design methods combined with numerical and physical modeling to provide cost effective and safe solutions.

When the project area does not have competent soil conditions for shallow foundations, then deep foundations are frequently the solution. Gerwick's experienced engineers have been involved in all types of deep foundation from traditional driven or bored piles to very innovative foundation solutions for large bridge projects.

Many of the challenges met are from a combination of excessive amounts of very soft deposits, extreme water depths, strong currents, and excessive environmental loading, notably earthquake and ship collision forces.

Construction of deep basements below the groundwater level often require permanent ground anchors. Gerwick has extensive experience in the design and supervision of ground anchors.

LAST UPDATED: 07.11.2014