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Numerical modeling of wave processes

Photo: Gerwick
Harbor Rehabilitation and Tsunami Study; Crescent City, California
We have access to a complete portfolio of numerical tools that, together, are capable of resolving a wide array of design situations within a short time frame.
Near-shore wind and wave transformation processes are complex phenomena that warrant the use of advance modeling packages in coastal engineering projects. We regularly deploy the DHI Mike 21 SW or CMS-WAVE packages to compute wind-wave generation and spectrum transformation; the CGWAVE model for time-efficient infra-gravity wave transformation assessment; STWAVE for large-scale modeling of wind-wave action; the ADCIRC large-scale circulation model for storm surge simulation and tidal predictions; and the BOUSS-2D (Mike BW) for the detailed assessment of wave-wave interaction, resonance, wave-induced current, breaking run-up and more exotic studies, such as tsunami forcing.

LAST UPDATED: 17.07.2014