Liquefaction and scour

Photo: Gerwick
Coastal Engineering for IHNC Hurricane Flood Protection Barrier; New Orleans, Louisiana
Our coastal engineers understand their critical role in providing an avenue for other teams to visualize ways by which waves and currents can negatively impact a marine structure and their foundations.
Beyond the traditional assessment of wave loads, we specialize in the analysis of liquefaction, wave-structure dynamics, lubrication theory and scour. We have successfully applied advanced finite element packages such as PLAXIS and FLAC to the study of wave-induced liquefaction of caisson breakwaters on soft soils. Our engineers are proficient with the deployment of a large portfolio of scour protection measures, including armor stone, riprap, gabion mattresses, launch aprons, articulated concrete mats and others, each selected to efficiently match any project's size and needs.

LAST UPDATED: 17.07.2014