Coastal structures

Photo: Gerwick
Mooring Analysis Berths 1A/1B; Ras Laffan, Qatar
We have a proven track record in the design of various coastal revetments, including caissons, rubble mound breakwaters and earthen levees.
We are well versed in the use of hard coastal defense measures, such as state-of-the-art batter pile floodwalls. Gerwick relies on fundamental scientific research, numerical models and physical model testing to design and optimize each coastal structure. The coastal group is well versed in leveraging the most adapted armor units, including concrete units and traditional rock, based on site location and availability. When applicable, our engineers know how to adopt a multiple line of defense approach against coastal hazard with the use of softer measures involving sustainable revetments, marsh restoration.

LAST UPDATED: 17.07.2014