Maracaibo Túnel Puente Nigale: Dredging Design

Photo: Gerwick
Maracaibo Túnel Puente Nigale Dredging Design; Maracaibo, Venezuela
Gerwick was responsible for delivering a specifications document that stated dredging, foundation and protection works requirements for construction and highlighted special conditions or restraints.

A 7.1-mile crossing is planned from Santa Cruz de Mara to Punta de Palmas consisting of a bridge, an artificial island and an immersed tunnel. Gerwick was retained to assist in the dredging, foundation and protection works design for the immersed tunnel segment of the crossing. The immersed tunnel lies directly under a navigation channel. Subsequently, ship impact protection was included in the design.

The work involved calculating dredge quantities based on material type that varied within and along the trench for the tunnel. The material types had varying slope stability and therefore the trench for the tunnel had varying side slopes. The calculation also included variations in bathymetry along and across the tunnel alignment.

The foundation for the tunnel consists of a gravel bed with a grout layer underneath the tunnel elements. The protection works included locking fill, general backfill, rock armor, and concrete armor units. As part of the work, the quantities for each component of the foundation and protection works were calculated.

LAST UPDATED: 05.10.2012