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Troll East GBS

Photo: Gerwick
Troll East GBS; Norway
Gerwick participated in the design of the majority of the offshore platform on various levels, ranging from conceptual design, constructability review, design review, cost estimate, and final design.

Under contract to Dr. Techn. Olav Olsen A/S and Norwegian Contractors, Gerwick provided structural design, analysis, and review in the areas of: reduced-stiffness analysis; dropped object punching shear analysis; stress concentration analysis, stress/strain compatibility analysis; strut-tie modelling; and finite element analysis.

The Gullfaks C represented the most massive structure ever moved by man. The platform installation water-depths have been progressively increasing, and when installed in 1995, Troll East became the world’s tallest Gravity Base Structure (GBS) standing in over 300m of water. Floating concrete platforms such as Heidrun and Troll West allow for operation in virtually unlimited water-depths. Besides increasing the operational depth of the offshore platform, the other trend in the North Sea includes varied, flexible and efficient designs with high-strength concrete and dense reinforcing steel.

LAST UPDATED: 02.10.2012