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Hibernia Offshore Platform

Photo: Gerwick
Hibernia Offshore Platform; Newfoundland
Gerwick played a key role in developing the icewall surrounding the caisson, participated in the concrete mix development, and provided engineering support for the concrete construction, including assistance in developing the concrete construction plan.

The Hibernia platform is located in the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, 200 miles east of St John’s, Newfoundland, in 260’ of water. The 500,000-ton gravity base structure (GBS) design consists of a 350-foot-diameter concrete caisson, constructed using high-strength concrete reinforced with steel rods and pre-stressed tendons.

Structurally, the 4.5-foot-thick icewall is supported by a system of X and V walls, which transmit the loads to the interior tiewall. The X and V walls have a thickness varying from 2-3ft and the tiewall has a thickness of 3ft. Put together, these walls form the icebelt. Gerwick patented this innovative design together with Mobil.

We also conducted a review and evaluation of costs versus productivity of reinforcement placement and concrete construction methods, such as jump forming and slip forming.

Throughout the project, we were a member of the Hibernia Expert Review Panel responsible for structural and construction review of the substructure for the Hibernia GBS Platform.

LAST UPDATED: 02.10.2012