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Electric Boat Graving Dock: Sheet-Pile Cell Repair

Photo: Gerwick
Electric Boat Graving Dock Sheet-Pile Cell Repair; Groton, Connecticut
Gerwick provided consulting services for the repair of a failed circular sheet-pile cell. The services comprised an engineering analysis for repair of the cell, which included geotechnical stability analyses of the interim conditions during reconstruction of the cell using a repair method utilizing a pipe caisson cofferdam to cut sheets underwater.

The geotechnical analyses identified the overall stability and failure mechanism of the cell, and subsequently evaluated the excess capacity available in non-ruptured parts of the cell during the interim reconstruction process. In addition, the structural and geotechnical safety during the reconstruction of the cell was assessed.

Analyses with both the CCELL software and PLAXIS were utilized in order to determine cell interlock tension and the conditions for various failure mechanisms such as bursting, a slip along the vertical center-plane of the cell, horizontal shear, pull-out of the outboard sheeting, bearing failure of the foundation, or sliding of the base.

LAST UPDATED: 02.10.2012