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Ben C. Gerwick to be part of COWI North America

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Ben C. Gerwick Inc., a member of the COWI Group, will now become a part of COWI North America .

To realize the North American goals of COWI's Powerhouse 2015 Strategy, COWI has created a new legal structure consisting of a centralized holding of all North American subsidiaries in a new company COWI NA Holdings, Inc. and has incorporated a new operating company, COWI North America, Inc.

COWI North America includes three existing companies operating as specialists in bridge, tunnel and marine engineering markets:  Ben C. Gerwick; Buckland & Taylor Ltd.; and Ocean and Coastal Consultants, Inc. 

Ben C. Gerwick, Inc. will continue to operate under our existing brand and management team led by Dale Berner, President. Ben C. Gerwick will report to Steve Hunt, President of COWI North America. Steve has over 30 years of consulting engineering experience and has a successful track record of operating and growing North American engineering companies operating in civil infrastructure markets. Steve is currently and will remain the President and Managing Director of Buckland & Taylor Ltd.

A fourth company, COWI NA Energy, Inc., is part of the COWI North America, Inc. corporate  structure, and will continue to report on an operational basis directly to COWI Denmark.

The new corporate structure provides Ben C. Gerwick and the other COWI North American businesses with stronger financial and human resources to pursue and execute the major specialty bridge, tunnel and marine projects for which the subsidiaries and COWI are well known.  A significant expansion of COWI's North American business is one of COWI's must-win battles in its current Powerhouse 2015 strategy. 

 COWI presently employs over 250 staff in 14 US and Canadian offices.
COWI  North America specialty engineering companies will continue to form part of COWI's International Specialist Leader (ISL) practices for bridges, tunnels and marine structures. 

Globally, COWI employs over 1,000 bridge tunnel and marine specialist staff, and is busy engineering some the world's largest infrastructure projects.

LAST UPDATED: 16.02.2014